Life brings obstacles & challenges.
Let’s build a community of RESILIENCE and Hope.

Resilient Evansville is a collaborative movement that’s all about helping young people thrive!

It’s about nurturing their resilience and giving them the ability to move forward with optimism and confidence.

It’s about intentionally developing their strengths through caring adult relationships, helpful resources and hopeful thinking.

It’s about everyone. It’s about you.

Join the movement:

  • Be the caring adult in the life of a child
    • listen and encourage young people
  • Increase your understanding and skills

When we work together to build resilience in young people, it strengthens our entire community!

Resilient Evansville builds on the work of nationally recognized pediatrician, Dr. Ken Ginsburg. Dr. Ginsburg has dedicated his life to fostering resilience in young people. Learn more about his work through the Center for Parent & Teen Communication.